central security group

  • No binding contracts; change providers any time you wish
  • No volume requirements
  • Non-exclusive agreement; keep business or sell it - it's up to you
  • Build your own business, brand and reputation
  • Payments in as little as 5 days
  • Full payment with no holdbacks
  • Three-month account guarantee
  • Personal account service
  • Excellent end-customer service.
  • Name recognition for your own brand

other dealer programs

  • Binding contracts can keep you tied to your provider for up to three years
  • Volume requirements with penalties imposed if volumes are not maintained
  • Exclusive agreement; sell all business to the provider or face the consequences
  • Build their business, until they wear you out
  • Payments in as many as 1-2 weeks
  • 12 month holdback period
  • 12 month guarantee periods
  • Frustrating phone tree
  • Inconsistent service to the end-customer makes getting referrals and closing sales that much harder for you
  • No name recognition for your business; no matter how hard you work, your business remains anonymous as you build their brand name
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