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At Central Security Group, we offer more money – faster – and services you can be proud to offer.
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We offer weekly funding, marketing and sales support, no holdbacks, and reliable service – all backed by financial stability and personal support.


We know you have a business to run. To help, our multiples are among the industry’s best. We put money in your hands, faster.


We also don’t do exclusive contracts. Our dealers choose to stay with us because they want to, not because they have to.

Our Story

It’s simple really. When we started out 20 years ago, we asked ourselves, “If we were dealers, what would we want from a dealer program?” We knew we’d want to be treated fairly and as partners. We knew we’d want to provide service we could all be proud to offer.

Since then, we’ve continued to evolve. We offer dealers more benefits and back it up with unparalleled service, advanced technology, and products that make a real difference in the lives of customers and the businesses our dealers operate.

Our Service Locations


What Our Dealers Say


CSG Dealer since 2008
Phoenix, AZ

“We have been with Central Security for almost 7 years. Having worked with other monitoring companies, 3 things stand out. Over the years we’ve had over 100 situations of repairing systems or helping customers. We intentionally tamper with the system. Within 2 minutes every time the customer would get a call, central would inform them of the problem, I would reply that’s why I love those guys they watch everything. The reason this was important to me, with another monitoring company we unplugged the system, wanting to see how long it would take for them to call. 4 months later I called them. Helpful and professional management and connects and funding. Great company! They look for the details to make a better company to protect our customers, businesses, and families.”


CSG Dealer since 2003
San Diego, CA

“I have been a partner with CSG for 11 years now as a dealer. The reason I use the term “partner” is because that is the true relationship. I have been in this industry for many years and have been in no less than 6 different dealer programs. In most dealer programs you find that you have no voice. With CSG, they listen when you have an idea. We have found them a very competent and professional organization.”


CSG Dealer since 2001
Houston, TX

“We have been a dealer for Central Security for over 13 years and they have been an awesome partner. They always provide timely and accurate funding for our accounts and have never changed how much we get paid. But much more importantly to us, is they have always taken good care of our customers. CSG has proven to be the right business partner for us and we are proud to be associated with them.”


CSG Dealer since 2011
Nashville, TN

“Our experience with CSG over the last 3 years has been wonderful. The dealer to coordinator experience is heads above the rest. We had and have the option of going with other companies and have no intentions of leaving CSG. Their funding cycle is one of the quickest in the industry as CSG really cares for their dealer’s success. With 15 years in the industry we have experienced the level of support with other partner programs and find that CSG does not compete with its dealers and strives to help them to grow and be successful every step of the way. So whether you’re a new company or an old company, we truly feel CSG is the way to go. Thanks CSG!!!”